Dr Martin Luther Kings visit to Newcastle and Heaven Help Us All, Voices of Virtue and Howard Gospel Choirs, Kay Greyson and Smoove, out now on Soul Kitchen Recordings.

Songs of Freedom

Welcome to Songs of Freedom, a free online resource for educators, young people and community choirs where we will share online tutorials from artists Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir and Kay Greyson which will inspire you to create your own versions of the songs which sound tracked the civil rights movement.

On the 13th November 1967 Dr Martin Luther King travelled to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK to receive an honorary degree from Newcastle University. Songs of Freedom is part of the legacy of Dr King’s visit. When Stevie Wonder heard about Kings visit he asked to meet us telling us, “We need to bring everyone together no matter their race, religion, colour or who they choose to love”. Stevie’s words inspired Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir to join with Howard University Gospel choir and Kay Greyson to perform Stevie’s anthem, “Heaven Help Us All”.

We believe that the songs of the civil rights movement amplified Dr King’s message and it was through these songs that many of us first learnt about the movement. It is our ambition to bring the words of these songs to a new generation spreading King’s message around the world.

The tutorials here will provide information and inspiration to learn how to sing your own version of this classic song, written by the great song-writer Ron Miller. Kay Greyson inspired by the song and Stevie’s message to the people of Newcastle wrote a sublime rap to the song, Kay also provides a tutorial to inspire your own rap to accompany the song. We would love to hear your version of the song, please feel free to upload and share your work!


Heaven Help Us All Instructional Videos

Make sure you check out all the instructional videos and give the song a go yourself!

We would love to see your versions of Heaven Help Us All!


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Freedom on the Tyne

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On Sunday 29th October a great drama engulfed NewcastleGateshead, inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and epic civil rights struggles from across the globe, both past and present.

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