Case Studies

Our projects are varied, collaborative and diverse, the one thing they all have in common is their ability to connect people and communities through Roots music, art, dance, performance and culture.

Freedom City 2017

On Sunday 29th October a great drama engulfed NewcastleGateshead, inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and epic civil rights struggles from across the globe, both past and present.

Voices of Virtue

Northern Roots have been working with Voices of Virtue since 2016. In that time we have seen the regions number One Gospel Choir move from strength to strength.

Collective Identity

Collective Identity is more than the sum of it's parts! The group met in late 2017 and with the support of Adam Collerton, began collaborating and performing together.

Radikal Queen

We are unable to classify Radikal Queen, and with talent like hers who would want to?! Radikal has been working with Northern Roots since 2017.

Rob Heron

Graham Shipcote first met Rob Heron in 2009 and went on to support him through opportunities and introductions.