Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on the diverse arts scene in the city and beyond. Venues are closed, concerts cancelled, community work coming to a halt. Space 2 has closed adding to a long list of youth clubs closed in the city over the past ten years. Artists and music leaders we have worked alongside for years have seen their income streams dry up overnight. Of course there are greater priorities now and we are all keeping safe and following advice on social isolation. This will pass and when it does we will be a strong position to continue our work, we are in constant touch with artists, developing new projects and initiatives so that we can all hit the ground running once we get the green light. We are talking to  funders old and new telling them about the great artists we are working alongside, Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir, Kema Kay, Kay Greyson, Collective Identity and many others. If you are an artist struggling at the moment please get in touch, we are here on the phone and on Zoom.

                       Stay safe, support the NHS.